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Leeds Salon's 'Tetley Talks' on 'Freedom and the Individual'

Leeds Salon hosts its annual series of autumn talks in partnership with The Tetley looking at cultural and philosophical issues. This year's talks examines themes of 'freedom and the individual' through three of the 19th & 20th century's most controversial philosophers: Friedrich Nietzsche on 3rd November, Jean-Paul Sartre on 17th November, and Ayn Rand on 1 December. Talks start 3pm in the Tetley's 2nd floor City Workshop. Read more...


2019 Leeds Salons

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Leeds Salon School Debate News: 

Leeds NHS Digital Debating Matters Competition 2018

Leeds Salon is helping to organise and run the first NHS Digital/DM sixth-form competition, which will take place at the NHS Digital offices in central Leeds on the afternoon of Thursday 6 December.

The competition will see Beckfoot School (Bradford), Notre Damn (Leeds) and Woodkirk Academy (Wakefield) pitted against each other in a mini-Yorkshire championship. Details to follow soon.


Headingley FoI Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2019

The qualifying rounds for the sixth annual  debating competition for years 10&11 pupils (ages 14-16 years), hosted by The Leeds Salon and in partnerhisp with the Headingley Festival of Ideas, will take place in January - details t.b.c.

The schools will be competing for a place in the final which, as usual, will take place in March at the HEART Centre, Headingley, where they will be joined by the winners of The Tetley Years 10&11 Competition.


Tetley Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2019

Wednesday 30 January Leeds Salon will host the fourth annual school debating competition in partnerhisp with The Tetley for years 10&11 pupils (ages 14 to 16 years) for south and central Leeds Schools - details t.b.c.


Debating Matters Yorkshire Championship 2018

On 28 March Leeds Salon partnered with the sixth-form Debating Matters competition to help run their new Yorkshire Championship event. This was one of several DM city and regional championships taking place throughout the UK and in Berlin, and which represents a new format for the competition which has been running since 2003.

As well as helping to chair and judge in the Yorkshire Championship, for the thrd year running, we also presented our own Leeds Salon Individual Prize to the student who we felt best represented the spirit of Enlightenment inquiry by asking lots of good, challenging questions. So congratulation to Lauryn Healey from Barnsley College, who won a signed copy of Joanna Williams' Academic Freedom in an Age of Conformity: Confronting the Fear of Knowledge kindly donated by Palgrave Macmillan.






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The Leeds Salon is a judging partner of the sixth form Debating Matters competition

The Tetley and The Leeds Salon are partners in school debate for central and south Leeds

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