Next Leeds Salon

Women: A Success Story

Friday 29th March 2019
Carriageworks Theatre, Room 5
Doors Open 6:30pm for 7pm start

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As part of Women’s History Month, Leeds Salon is partnering with charity WORLDwrite to show, and discuss, their recent film, Women: A Success Story.

Women: a success story suggests women’s equality today is something to celebrate and that contemporary ‘victim culture’ does women a great disservice. Forged as a timeline, interwoven with archive, forty women, across the generations, give us a fresh perspective, tell us we have nothing to fear and can do anything. Read more… 


Forthcoming Salons 

To mark our 10th anniversary, in May we have two salon's on contentious, contemporary issues.

Should We Fear Populism? 

Thursday 2nd May 2019 - A panel debate on populism discussing, amongst other things: What do we make of the rise of populism today? Is it, as some fear. a worrynig portend to a "return to the 1930's", motored by authoritarianism and prejudice? Or, as other see it, does it give a voice to ordinary people who feel “neglected, even held in contempt, by increasingly distant and technocratic political and economic elites.”? Is it a threat to democratic society, or a harbinger of democratic renewal? Read more... 

What is Neoliberalism?

Thursday 23rd May 2019 - A panel debate on Neoliberalism discussing, amongst other things: What is Neoliberalism? How has it changed from the 1930's to today? And to what extent is it a break from earlier forms of liberalism? In fact, does Neoliberalism even exist as a distinct phase of global capitalism, or is it just a vague term of abuse? Details to follow...


Summer 'Tetley Talks' on Time & Data

In June, we host our first summer Saturday afternoon talks in partnership with The Tetley on themes of 'Time & Data'. Saturday 15th June, we welcome author Ronald Green to discuss his new book Time to Tell: a look at how we tick; and on Saturday 29th June we welcome back broadcaster Timandra Harkness to discuss her book Big Data: does size matter? Read more...


Leeds Salon School Debate News:  

Headingley FoI Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2019

The Final of the sixth, annual Years 10&11 Debating Competition will take place on Wednesday 20th March at the HEART Centre, Headingley, as part of the Headingley Festival of Ideas - see details.

The qualifying rounds were between Allerton High & Cardinal Heenan and Carr Manor & Abbey Grange (see details), and the two winning schools - Allerton High and Carr Manor - will be joine din the final by the winners of The Tetley Years Competition - Woodkirk Academy.

Event Sponsors are again leading Yorskhire law firm Switalskis Solicitors. Prize Sponsors include again Thackray Medical Museum and The University of Law (Leeds).


Tetley Years 10&11 Debating Competition 2019

Wednesday 30 January Leeds Salon hosted the fourth debating competition in partnerhisp with The Tetley for years 10&11 pupils for south and central Leeds Schools. This year, regulars Mount St Mary's and Woodkirk Academy were joined by newcomers Outwood Grange Academy - see details

Congratulations winners, Woodkirk Academy, who will go on to compete in the Headingley Festival of Ideas Years 10&11 Final on 20th March against the north Leeds qualifying round winners. Congratulation too Anandita Ghosh of Woodkirk who won the 'Best Individual' prize nominatd by the judges. And well done to Mount St Mary's and Outwood Grange for maknig it such a close, competitive competition. And a big thank you to Sponsors LCF Law.


Leeds NHS Digital Debating Matters Competition 2018

Thursday 6th December, Leeds Salon ran the first ever NHS Digital Debating Matters sixth-form competition, which took place at Thackray Medical Museum.

Beckfoot School (Bradford), Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form College (Leeds) and Woodkirk Academy (Wakefield) were pitted against each other in three high quality, closely fought debates on 'Health Monitoring''Artificial Intelligence' and 'Medical Data Sharing' - see details.

Congratulations winners, Beckfoot School, and also to Hannah Boyle of Notre Dame, nominated 'Best Individual' by the judges (see @theleedssalon and @DebatingMatters on Twitter for photos).




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