Tetley 'Summer' Talks 2019: Time & Data

Leeds Salon hosts first summer talks in partnership with The Tetley on the themes of 'Time and Data'.

The talks take place over two Saturday afternoons in June in the second floor City Workshop of The Tetley arts centre, Hunslet Road, Leeds.

Doors open 2:45pm (for a 3pm start) to 4:45pm. As usual, we'll be heading to The Tetley bar straight after each talk to drink and chat more informally.

Admission: £5 waged/£4 unwaged (cash only) to pay on the day, but please reserve your place by e-mailing us at contact@leedssalon.org.uk


Time to Tell: A Look at How We Tick

Saturday 15th June

Time seems to flash by when we are enjoying ourselves, and slows to a crawl when we are bored. Why? Does time exist, or is it an illusion? Does it flow? Is it linear? How real are our memories? When is now? These are just some of the questions asked by Ronald Green in his latest book Time to Tell: a look at how we tick.

In Time to Tell, Ronald shows a perspective of time that challenges what is naturally taken for granted (as, for example, the existence of 'now', the supposed closed pastand open future), and forges a link between philosophy and science, blowing away the cobwebs that obscure both from each other. 

Rattling the comfort of instant satisfaction of reality shows, celebrity worship and the self-glorification of the I-generation, Ronald takes us on a journey that allows us a new way of looking at ourselves in the world, and to act upon what we discover.

Speaker: Ronald Green is a former lecturer in linguistics at Oxford and Tel Aviv, and author of Time To Tell: a look at how we tick (iff Books, 2018), Nothing Matters: a book about nothing (iff Books, 2011); read more...

Readings: Review of Time to Tell, Geoff Ward, Medium, 21 December 2018; The End of Time, Carlo Rovelli, Nautilus, 6 September 2018.


Big Data: Does Size Matter?

Saturday 29th June 

The Leeds Salon welcomes back broadcaster and writer Timandra Harkness to discuss her book, Big Data: does size matter?

Big data knows where you've been and who your friends are. It knows what you like and what makes you angry. Big data knows you better than you know yourself, they tell us. But how well do you know big data? 

Since Timandra’s book came out in 2016, a lot more people are thinking and worrying about big data, whether it’s tech companies tracking us around the internet, nefarious campaigners targeting us with political adverts, or DNA companies sharing our genetic profiles with the police. 

Come and find out what you should be worrying – and arguing – about.

Speaker: Timandra Harkness is a regular on BBC Radio 4, writing and presenting How To Disagree, a beginner’s guide to having better arguments and FutureProofing, and is the author of Big Data: does size matter? (Bloomsbury Sigma, 2016); read more...

Readings: Kirkus Review, June 2016; Oakland vs Big Data Brother, Timandra Harkness, Spiked, August 2016; If you want to get ahead, take a risk, Timandra Harkness, UnHerd, 5 April 2019


Event Partners

The Tetley

The Tetley is a centre for contemporary art and learning, located in the former headquarters of the world-famous Tetley Brewery on Hunslet Road. Visit their website at: www.thetetley.org/


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