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Leeds Salon is involved in several school debating competitions. We are 'Judging Parters' with the Institute of Ideas' national sixth-form Debating Matters competition, helping to run northern qualifying rounds. Since 2014 we have run the annual Headingley Festival of Ideas competition for years 10 & 11 pupils (ages 14 to 16). From October 2015 we've helped Jordans Solicitors run their Wakefield sixth-form competition. In January 2016 we partnered with The Tetley to run a years 10 & 11 competition for south and cental Leeds schools. And in December 2016 we ran the first ever competition between Leeds City College and Leeds College of Building.

Since 2016, we've also presented The Leeds Salon Individual Prize at the Debating Matters Yorkshire Regional Final to the individual who we think best exemplifies the spirit of Enlightenment inquiry. The winners receives a book which we think represents an exemplory piece of contempoary Enlightenment literature. See past winners here.

For all events we use the Debating Matters format and topic guides. We also rely on our growing list of local School Debate Judges, without whose help none of this would be possible. So if you would like help in running your own school debating competitions, or wish to take part in any of the below competitions, please contact us at:


Headingley FoIHeadingley Festival of Ideas Years 10 & 11 School Debating Competition

Headingley Festival of Ideas was first held in May 2014 and, as part of the festival, Leeds Salon hosted a school debating competition for years 10 & 11 (ages 14-16 years) as a one-off event involving three Headingley schools. From 2015, we have expanded the competition to include include qualifying rounds, and involve more Leeds schools, to win a place in the final to held in the spring at the HEART Centre, Headingley.

2017 - Qualifying Rounds & Final

2016 - Qualifying Rounds & Final

2015 - Qualifying Rounds & Final

2014 - Final


Jordans SolicitorsJordans Wakefield Sixth Form Debating Competition

Jordans Solicitors Wakefield have run their sixth-form debating competition for schools and colleges since 2011. And from 2015, Jordans have invited Leeds Salon to work with them to help develop and run their competition, using the Debating Matters format.

Jordans competition aims to encourage life skills in analysis and public speaking while engaging young people in contemporary social and political issues. The competition involves qualifying rounds held in October, to win a place in the final in December; which is also the Debating Matters Wakefield Qualifying Round. So, in addition to winning Jordans' trophy, Jordans' finallists compete for a palce in the DM Yorkshire Regional Final to be held the spring.

The 2016 Jordans Final took place on Tuesday 6 December at the prestigious The Hepworth Wakefield. For details and results, click on the below link.

2016 - Qualifying Rounds & Final

2015 - Qualifying Rounds & Final


The TetleyThe Tetley Years 10 & 11 School Debating Competition

The Tetley and Leeds Salon are hosting a school debating competition for years 10 & 11 (ages 14 to 16 years) for south and central Leeds schools. The first competition took place in January 2016 and, as well as competing to be the new Tetley champions, the winners will also won a place in the final of the above Headingley Festival of Ideas Schools Debating Competition.

The 2017 Tetley competition took place on Monday 23 January. For details, click on the below link.

Tetley 2017 Competition

Tetley 2016 Competition


Leeds Colleges Debating Competition

Leeds Salon hosted the first ever debating competition between Leeds City College and Leeds College of Building on Wednesday 14 December at the Leeds City College Printworks Campus on Hunslet Road. Click on the link below to see the details and results.

Leeds Colleges 2016 Competition


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Jordans Solicitors are a West Yorkshire law firm with a 70 year record of excellent service. They are the highly acclaimed choice for the Yorkshire area and beyond in both business and individual legal matters:


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The Leeds Salon is a Debating Matters judging partner

The Leeds Salon is a judging partner of the sixth form Debating Matters competition

The Tetley and The Leeds Salon are partners in school debate for central and south Leeds


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